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Salvatore Conti
Residing In La Pine, OR USA
Occupation Sculptor
Yes! Attending Reunion

retired gold and silver smith - self employed. Sculpting merrily away in Suisun, California just east of Napa. Grapes everywhere. No bagels. No jelly donuts. New Yorkers always miss a good bagel and jelly donuts when one expatriots. Right? Recently moved back to the San Francisco Bay Area, my spiritual home. Life seems to get better with age. Life is sweet. Image - with my grand niece Amaya, now 8 and grand nephew Ian, now 2. Love to all.

School Story

We're all almost 70! What we've all been 'up to' is a long, and hopefully, a full and happy story. Ex-hippie - not so ex. After Elmont, spent some time in American and Western Samoa, then studied Art, sculpting, photography, film-making and English Lit., Moved to San Francisco in '69 in its hey day. My life, lived mostly in SF and for a time in the Catskills, Upstate, NY (brrr... those Arctic winds), a stint on an Ashram in Florida with a fake guru - an unnerving tale. Art, art, art. The only thing I did with my English Lit. degree was read a lot and write poetry. Long career as a fashion jeweler for boutiques and the film industry, silver smith (sterling chalices and bowls). Retired and recently divorced from my grouchy ex-partner. 70 is a good age to start a new adventure.

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Hi Diana,
Yes, I did receive your message. And I was touched by how much you remembered. Thought you'd enjoy this quote I recently found- From the Chinese Book of Odes: "Useless to ask a wandering man Advice on the construction of a house The work will never come to completion." I think it holds the essence of the many quotes we shared way back when.
So much has changed. Our lives have morphed into, what in the past would have been or seemed to be unfathomable. All the unexpected and the expected, paths found, lost and paths still to be discovered. How extraordinary life is. Somewhere in the center of living one's life, wonderful people like you, remain in my heart as vividly as if 50 years ago was only yesterday. I'm sorry I won't be coming to the reunion. I had looked forward to seeing you and Young Bob and so many wonderful people from the Class of '66. (66') - we first met over a poster where I misplaced the ' on '66 !) I hope, on one of my trips to NY in the near future that we can meet. I'd love to take you and Bob to dinner, in gratitude to you, and talk over our pasts and where we've currently arrived. My email is
Lots of love, Sal

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Jun 01, 2016 at 12:02 PM