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09/18/16 07:38 PM #16    

Marilyn Nudelman (Greenberg)

EMHS Class of ‘66 Need your Photos!

Can’t wait to see you guys next month!

If you have any photos from our High School days, please send them to me at  I am going to try to put together a slide show from our youth.  If you have a lot let me know and I will tell you another way to share them with me versus emailing large file.

I also have a lot of pictures from the 40th reunion.  If you have any from previous reunions, please add them in. 

If you have any memorabilia that you want to bring that also would be great.

To show the slide show we need an LCD projector.  Mine is not working and the hotel wants to charge a lot to rent on.  Please let me know if you have access to one as this would be crucial to the project.

See you soon!

Marilyn (Nudelman) Greenberg

10/04/16 07:36 PM #17    


Susan Schwartz (Hager)

Is anyone who is arriving on Friday evening interested in getting together for dinner?

Susan Schwartz Hager



10/05/16 02:27 PM #18    


Carol Zultowsky (Berlin)

I will be in Oceanside on Friday night and maybe would be available to get together with everyone!

10/23/16 10:28 PM #19    

Vicki Kaye (Salamon)

Thank you Ellen and her committee for arranging the reunion and all of the events surrounding this very special weekend. It was wonderful to see all of our classmates and to reconnect. Best to everyone and wishing all good health and happiness until we meet again. πŸŽ‰πŸΎπŸ˜Ž>p>

Vicki Kaye Salamon 

10/24/16 07:41 AM #20    

Geraldine Murphy (Reidy)

Thank you Ellen for a great 50th reunion.  Great getting together with all my former classmates.  Thank you again, Gerry Murphy Reidy

10/24/16 09:26 AM #21    

Susan Kohle (Vannucci)

Happy to add my heartfelt thanks to Ellen and her committee for putting together such a successful event! It was a great night and wonderful to see so many classmates after all these years! Good health and happiness to everyone! Susan (Kohle) Vannucci

10/24/16 11:59 AM #22    

Barry Gottfried

I agree.  Many thanks to Ellen and the others who made the arrangements.  It was a trip to see people after 50 years!!

10/24/16 12:40 PM #23    

Bonita Baslaw (Linado)



Your the bestest!!!!

Thanks agaiin to you and your committee 



10/24/16 01:30 PM #24    

Judith Levine (King)

Thank you Ellen for organizing a great reunion! It was so much fun seeing people that I hadn't seen in many years.

Judy Levine King

10/24/16 02:10 PM #25    

Eric Germaine


Thanks to you and you posse for a wonderful evening.  Your coordination and presentation was great, from beginning to end, you never missed a step.

Especially enjoyable, and enlightening was the EMHS tour.  I'm very proud of the ethnic diversity in the student population, and their 98% graduation rate.  Truly a testament to the dedication and hard work of students and teachers alike.  That legacy of EMHS continues, well done!

Then onto the evening festivities.  Fifty years is a long time, and hard to comprehend after classmates follow their journey in life.  But reconnecting with (not so) familiar faces, friends, and memories gave me a warm and fuzzy unlike much else.

Thanks again for a truly remarkable, and memorable evening.

Eric Germaine

10/24/16 05:14 PM #26    

Rosemarie Rubino (Rubino)

Thank you Ellen and the fantastic crew who put this reunion together. Your hard work was evident in every detail from the power point to the nice size individual photos we all wore, the venue, band, everything was well planned and executed.

I loved our tour of the school. The docent was very good.  It was especially good to hear our school has maintained its high level of education standards. 98% graduation rate speaks volumes about the dedication of the teachers parents of the students and the community we grew up in. I'm proud to be an EMHS graduate.   This is the first reunion I've attended but it won't be the last, assuming there will be another 

It was so fun  to see our old classmates. I think as a group there is a lot of talent there  and we all held up pretty well physically considering it's been 50 years. I still can't believe that!

Best of luck to all I plan to keep in touch



10/24/16 09:28 PM #27    

Michele "Midge" Israel (Monat)

Hi Ellen,  You and your committe did a wonderful job.  Everything was well planned out and organized..  I really enjoyed catching up with old friends..  Thanks so much for making all this happen.  I wonderr if anyone would be interested in having a 70th birthday party since so many of us will be turing 70 during the same year.   Midge Israel Monat

10/24/16 10:35 PM #28    

Ronnie Krauss (Bloom)

Can't thank you enough, Ellen, for all that you did to arrange such a wonderful reunion weekend for us. I really enjoyed revisiting  E.M.H.S. I know that we all appreciated the effort and love that you put into planning our beautiful party.  Every detail was done to perfection.  Everyone had such a great time that it was hard to say "goodnight" at the end of the evening.  What a success !!!!!

I wish the best of good health and happiness always- to everyone. Looking forward to our next get together.

Thanks again.

Ronnie (Krauss) Bloom

10/25/16 10:04 AM #29    


Diane Adlerstein (Schulman)

We are very fortunate to have had Ellen keeping track of all of us for all these years. It was a wonderful evening! 


10/25/16 03:53 PM #30    

Judith Feldman

Thank  you to Ellen and all who helped to make the reunion so special. Lots of laughs, memories and good friends.

10/25/16 04:04 PM #31    

Rosemarie Rubino (Rubino)

the Newsday article was very positive. It captured our experience of coming home. I love the input from current students. Ellen I applaude the continued fruits of your efforts

Rosie (Rory) Rubino



10/25/16 04:46 PM #32    

Fredda Zuckerman

Dear Ellen,

An amazing event put together with great thought and energy.

You brought us all together after a long hiatus.

It was great to see old friends and to share stories of the present and the past.

My apoloigies to those special friends I had no recollection of.

With gratitude and joy.



10/26/16 08:57 PM #33    

Diana Vitiello (Bubeck)

Dear Ellen,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your "labor of love":  the 50th Reunion of the Class of '66 of E.M.H.S. I also want to express my appreciation to your committee for all their help.

Now as I struggle with the sadness of parting and the finality of the event, I tell myself repeatedly, "Don't cry because it's over; smile because it happened."

It happened, Ellen, because of you.

Keep in touch!


Miss V


10/26/16 09:06 PM #34    

Donna Cooper (Okin)

Dear Ellen and Ellen's team of helpful helpers (Ronnie, Annette, Donna Carlson & all others... Vicki for knowing a "PLAN B" luncheon due to weather!) APPLAUSE ! STANDING OVATION! The evening was expectional because of YOUR caring co-ordation, planning, connecting, keeping everyone updated, pictures from "5 -DECADES" ago (to aid our memories!), badges, speeches, toasts, catering, music, center pieces, etc., etc.!  A perfect event leading to wonderful joy of re-connecting with EMHS classmates! Tons of laughter! It was deeply moving to recognize those who have passed. It was special that classmates who served in the military were asked to stand & that we all honored them with a toast of gratitude!

How about Miss V. !!!! WOW! She was... and IS... a great GIFT to the Class of "66. Timeless and funny! AND> dear Michael Steinberg> your speech and verbal tour down memory lane of incidences and teachers were meaningful & hysterical! Still a leader!

Ellen, you are a gifted hostess and organizer! Thank YOU for the great feelings you brought to all in the room and that we all carried home ! Love for another 50 years! Donna Cooper Okin



10/28/16 06:18 PM #35    

Annette Krissoff (Litman)

there is not much more I can add to all the above comments!!!

We have kept in touch since third grade!!!! Really hard to believe!!

thanks again for all your hard work and our friendship!!!

A  great time was had by all!!!!!!!!

Hope we all have continued good health, happiness and laughter in all our lives!!


annette smiley





11/27/16 01:05 PM #36    

Rosemarie Rubino (Rubino)

Wishing everyone a happy healthy holiday season  Best of everything in the new year  Rory Rubino




01/11/17 06:13 PM #37    

Linda Rabiola (Miller)

Hi ALL, Happy New Year to all! Had a great time seeing all from St.Boniface - Elmont Memorial, THANKS,

Love & God Bless, Linda Rabiola Miller

02/13/21 11:01 AM #38    

Donald Bennett

Was so sorry to hear about Mary Donnelly. We were in senior art class,which was a fabulous class taught by Mrs Greenberg. Mary was a standout and also an art editor on "The Olympian". A true artist. I was so happy to speak with her at the reunion and reminisce. A true loss for all who knew her.

02/13/21 03:53 PM #39    

Rosemarie Rubino (Rubino)

Mary Donnely was my best friend in High School. I am happy to say we remained close friends throughout our lives. We traveled together on a couple of occasions and visited one another on both East and West Coast many times. She remained the beautiful fascinating artist we all knew in HS.                                                          I remember taking subway rides into Manhattan when we were in HS  we want to the Village, to Cafe Wa and other beatnik haunts thinking we were so grown up and cool( at least I did). Also to museums where Mary would interpret Dali paintings

We had  so many dear sweet memories in our long friendship I will treasure always. May she Rest in Peace                                            

Rory(Rosie) Rubino 




02/15/21 12:13 PM #40    

Ronnie Krauss (Bloom)

I was so very sorry to hear of Mary Donnelly's passing. I remember being in Mrs. Greenberg's Art classes with her. I always enjoyed her company and her talent. She was a beautiful person -inside and out. I was so glad to see her and talk to her at our 50th Reunion. I send sincere condolences to her family. 

  Ronnie Krauss Bloom



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