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02/26/14 09:40 PM #1    

Ellen Streitfeld (Seigel)

Welcome to the Elmont Memorial High School Class of 1966 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

02/26/14 09:40 PM #2    

Ellen Streitfeld (Seigel)

Welcome to the Elmont Memorial High School Class of 1966 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

06/17/16 12:18 PM #3    

Ellen Streitfeld (Seigel)

Dear Fellow Classmates:

With slightly more than 4 months before our reunion, I would like to encourage you to use this website like a communicaton forum.

I will begin by sharing an email that I received yeserday from Dennis Piccininni where he confrimed that he will be coming to the reunion.   Hopefully, we can get a picture of Dennis and any other former Class of '66 team-mates with the 2016 EMHS Football Team !

Will look forward to hearing from others regarding your plans for attending our reunion.

A few of you have asked me when to formally sign up for the reunion.   I won't start collecting money until the end of the summer.

Have a good summer !


Ellen Streitfeld Seigel







06/18/16 05:12 PM #4    

Arthur Guarinello


Hi all

I plan to attend. If there is interest I would love to play golf on Friday or Sunday.  If someone belongs to a club and could organize a few tee times that would be cool. Touch Football softball or other more strenuous activities could be harmful to our health. Dancing will be great  At any rate I will look forward to seeing former classmates. 

Art Guarinello

06/18/16 06:48 PM #5    

Marjorie Macumber (Stoller)

I've been trying to locate "missing" Spartanettes but keep coming up empty handed.  If anyone has contact with someone who was on "the line", please encourage them to register at the reunion website.  I'm planning to attend and am looking forward to seeing friends from the "Great" class of 1966!






06/19/16 08:54 AM #6    

Susan Kohle (Vannucci)

HI Marjorie-

I was a Spartanette- almost the end of the line- but loved it - great memories!

I'll be at the reunion!!

Susan (Kohle) Vannucci

06/19/16 04:42 PM #7    

Barbara Landi

HI Margie... I remember you with fondness!   I was a spartanette...still hard to believe i ever made it.   I doubt I will come in October tho.  Alaska is a long way from LI.   I am on FB as Barbara Landi.

06/20/16 10:13 PM #8    

Fredda Zuckerman

Next Spartanette checking in  I was fourth from the end I have a picture in my study

Hope to dance at our reunion




06/21/16 10:12 AM #9    

Marjorie Macumber (Stoller)

It's so good to hear from "old" Spartanettes; lets try to find our friends.  Remember when we could kick almost to our heads?  it sure was fun.   Here's a list of the "Missing Spartanettes".  If you have contact with them, please ask them to sign in at the reunion website.     

Claudia Betts Kilmit, Andrea Bossak Goldstein, Lorraine Landy Manzella, Leslie Mesh Dahlberg, Mary Millan Klunk, Harriet Miller, Susan Kiburis Walsh, Jackie Kluger Shuchat, Nancy Convy Caputo, Joan Hoffman Strubbe, Patricia Placa Schultz, Arlene Reitzfeld Ferich, Janice Rice

AND CHEERLEADERS, we can't have the football team at the reunion without you...






06/21/16 05:37 PM #10    


Carol Zultowsky (Berlin)

HI Checking in also as a past Spartanette. Looking forward to the reunion and I plan to be there!

08/17/16 01:08 PM #11    

Ken Varon (Varon)


BIG THANKS to my long-time friend, Gary Mandel, for providing me with the link to EMHS' Class of '66 website, which I didn't know existed until now.  I signed-up, and explored.

I was greatly saddened to see how many of our wonderful classmates had passed away.  In particular, Marilyn Cohan.  She was my first "girlfriend", but I was too immature to realize that at the time.  And now I can't even reconnect with her, because she' has left us.  OMG; rest in peace, Marilyn!

I don't know whether it's going to be possible for me to attend the 50th Reunion, but I'll try.  Just think of all the others I've missed in the past, though.  That's awful of me!  However to all the surviving classmates who've given us such fond memories, I extend my best wishes and fondest regards.


08/21/16 08:42 AM #12    


Madelaine Birenbach (Eppenstein)

Hi Ellen, Thanks for setting this up for the class. I plan to attend the reunion and look forward to reconnecting with everyone. Best wishes, Madelaine Birenbach (Eppenstein)

08/22/16 10:11 AM #13    


Doris Banchik (Moxley)

It's so hard to believe that 50 years have passed since we graduated. The world has changed dramatically and each of us has continued on our journeys. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend reunion but would love to hear from my classmates. I look forward to seeing the reunion photos! 

08/22/16 04:19 PM #14    

Ronnie Krauss (Bloom)

Hi Marjorie,

    I'm another Spartanette who will be at the reunion. I was the 6th one from the right end. Loved every minute of our performances.

   Ronnie (Krauss) Bloom

08/22/16 08:13 PM #15    

Rosemarie Rubino (Rubino)

Hi All   Has it really been 50 years?. I still fee like I'm 17 but my body doesn't   I can't wait to see some of my former classmates. I'll be there...BTW I'm called Rory. Nobody has called me Rosie since 1966 but if you like you can call me Rosie I won't mind

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